29 photos that show that winter can be really harsh

There are those who love winter and those who hate it. Grey days, cold weather, rain, snow, ice, night that falls at 5:00 p.m., etc., it is a less attractive rhythm than summer. But some people sometimes see advantages such as playing in the snow, sliding and doing different activities, being able to admire the bleached landscapes, etc. There are still more people who hate winter than there are people who enjoy it. And sometimes you can understand why…

Here are 31 photos illustrating the daily life of some people in winter… You’ll be snapping your teeth! What about you? What do you think of winter?

When your toilet decided to give up on you in the middle of winter…

© Mymbaka / pikabu  

Given the condition of the vehicle and that of this brave man, we can assume that the sun is only there to decorate!

© nemotes / imgur  

“Oh yeah, it snowed a little last night! »

© Maamalam / imgur  

In some countries, in winter, to find your car in the early morning, you have to raise the windshield wipers!

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And that’s how 156 people came into the E.R. today…

© aspire2dance / reddit  

Never, ever, forget to close your window in winter…

© darthrotor / imgur  

When your husband tries to get rid of you

© bodsquad / imgur  

Do you understand a little better the wiper action from earlier?

© iamvegetarian / imgur  

When you suffer water damage that even the insurance company doesn’t know how to fix…

© Mymbaka / pikabu  

Snow will always seep into the house, always!

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At least he tried to save his own skin… Poor guy…

© ArmenianLivesMatter / imgur  

Leaving a can of soda outside when it’s freezing and finding her like this…

© mondomushroom / imgur  

When you’ve got super-comical colleagues…

© Ascarea / imgur  

A flood seen from the outside

© Mymbaka / pikabu  

Sometimes it freezes in there too… and you can tell very quickly!

© Faxmaq / pikabu  

The cold spares nothing and no one!

© DKK23 / pikabu  

That’s what happens in some public restrooms…

© vs40 / pikabu  

When you have to tunnel between your front door and the world to see the light of day again.

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

Did you know how alligators spend the winter?

© Shallotte River Swamp Park / facebook  

Since these animals need to breathe, they hibernate with their noses outside so they don’t die of asphyxiation!

When you’re a surfer at heart and even with a frozen beard and a thermometer reading of -40°C, you have to feel the wave…

© mml0616 / imgur  

Right now, we don’t feel like going to the mountains so much, do we?!

© hatorihanzzzo / pikabu  

When you brave the cold to go and learn: a great lesson in courage!

© CrAcKtHeSkY3 / imgur  

This was a sword, before it turned into a stalagmite!

© TheChubbyDragon / imgur  

This is the Snow Queen’s toilet!

© therealchickenchaser / imgur  

This Christmas tree couldn’t stand the freezing wind…

© Vadiksun / pikabu  

Even waterfalls can freeze!

© BrzS / imgur  

When the water trapped in the gutter is completely frozen…

© Kouran / pikabu  

To get up in the morning and see this… Yes, yes, it’s snow!

© Xingua92/reddit

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