These 22 daily trials of life

Each human being has his own personality, which reacts differently according to the trials of life. On the other hand, any self-respecting human will have the hairs that stand up when an embarrassing, irritating situation takes place before his eyes.

One day, one is sometimes taken aback by an event, even an arbitrary one. It could be the sound of fingernails on a table, or feet on the table. Behaviors do not pass, and make us lose our composure.

2. When you leave those empty ketchup bottles in the kitchen …

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3. “Has it ever happened to you to drink a bottle in its ENTIRETY?”

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4. The other part will still be edible

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5. And then, we wonder why my leg is bruised

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6. “This candlestick would have deserved to be in the place which was normally his …”

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7. This image speaks for itself …

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8. Here’s what the inside of a box of dried beef looks like

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9. The only reason I hate glasses

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10. When your wife likes decoration, even in front of the television …

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11. One day, they may invent a pre-cut box …

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12. “Every night of my life, I have this vision of my mattress”

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13. Fortunately there must have been several …

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14. Sacred consumer society …

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15. The toilet paper of this university is very pale …

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16. The steps obstruct my entry and prevent my package from being delivered

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17. When we sell you a jam donut …

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18. “I thought my computer was loading … and then not!”

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19. This happens almost on every roll

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20. “My father has had a laptop for 4 years, and he refuses to take off the protection …”

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21. False pockets …

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22. And one less yogurt!

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