These 19 people who assert their difference without complex

We are all unique. But we all have similarities in our behavior. We all sleep, we all eat, we all have a family, a circle of friends. Most of us have hobbies, etc. But there are people who clearly stand out from the crowd with their actions that are totally against normality. Even if it is good to assert your difference, there are still limits …

We found 19 photos of people who are not shy and clearly stay on course. The difference is life!

1. Revising an examination underwater has visibly unknown virtues …

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2. The strangest plumber in the world

© Vertragna / pikabu  

3. She would have won hands down in the famous game “The ground is in lava”

© BeforeSleepGenius / reddit  

4. Ben Affleck is surrounded by two magnificent women, but seems to laugh at the power of 1,000!

© NRecords / pikabu  

5. Keep a large screen just so that his cat can play with the mouse…

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6. When you don’t like human contact …

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7. A serious accident took place right behind him, but this man doesn’t care: he has an ice cream to eat!

© ASer0806 / pikabu  

8. In a few minutes, he might find it much less funny!

© Grandmudlo1 / pikabu  

9. Go to a party in which there are only couples when you are single …

© Alorous / fishki  

10. He forgot his cap so he’s using a watermelon…!

© pixelated_vision / reddit  

11. When nothing else matters around you because you play the console in your bed

© Cummins444 / imgur  

12. This building threatens to collapse, whatever, the Mayor has placed pylons to maintain it

© legionaire711 / pikabu  

13. It’s the anniversary of this trash …!

© Sosochek / pikabu  

14. Why are there only children who are allowed to go into the shopping cart first ?!

© bigmanbeats / reddit  

15. There are no small savings for this town, which is why the road looks like a real patchwork!

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

16. What could disturb a moment between friends ?!

© SpoopyKitty / reddit  

17. Are the people who put this pipe on the track serious ?!

© Buffo0n / pikabu  

18. Cats are beings with laser vision that can pass through clothing and gift wrap! The proof !

© AngelaMartin / pikabu

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