These 15 people who have physical characteristics

We are all different on Earth and each human being has specific, sometimes physical, characteristics. Some people are even more atypical than others because of the genes received at birth, or before, in their mother’s womb.

Those people who have a genetic mark on their body. These features, we show you some of them below.

1. A family of albinos from India

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2. When you have purple eyes

© Sorranne / Reddit  

3. Like mother, like daughter!

© emma.christine.johnson / Instagram   © emma.christine.johnson / Instagram   © amaiasage / Instagram  

4.”A photo of me and my biological grandmother”

© ayyradd / Imgur  

5.”The multiple pupil (polycoria) of my husband”

© Miaaaou / Reddit  

6. “My right eye is split in two: green on one side, brown on the other”

© rizz360 / Imgur  

7.”I found a photo of my husband and mother … I think our daughter looks like her”

© LisaLove87 / Imgur  

8.”I took this photo with my son, which was the same as that taken by my father holding me in his arms”

© robinsonirwin / Reddit  

9. “My girlfriend was born without a fingernail on her index finger … that inspires us!”

© nofapventure / Reddit  

10. Here are the twins Kian and Remee who were born one minute apart!

© kangawhat / Reddit  

11. When you only have a phalanx on your finger!

© moki69 / Reddit  

12. “My boyfriend only has freckles on half of his face”

© notsosecrett / Reddit  

13. “No, no, I don’t look like my mother at the same age at all!”

© emnemz / Reddit  

14. “I was born with an elf’s ear!”

© MisterMarshal / Reddit  

15. “My husband in 1992 … and our child now”

© rayzzles / Reddit  


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