These 15 photos entered in the legend of History

The past has been marked by several significant moments. Episodes that froze, for a moment, a population eager to know the rest of the story. Historical moments that have made many people grow, who have marked history.

Our parents and grandparents are still there to tell us about them. But nothing beats a beautiful photo that recalls this moment which we will end up, one day, by no longer having the slightest witness. These 16 photos will leave a mark for eternity.

1. In October 1940, this little boy leaves his mother to join his father

© Claude Dettloff / Wikimedia Commons  

2. Victory is more beautiful than everything else, during the Olympics 2. Victory is more beautiful than everything else, during the 1960 Olympics

© Kasper2006 / Wikimedia Commons  

3. In 1945, these German women wash their clothes in cold water and in the street

© No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit / Wikimedia Commons  

4. The entire crew watches a film projected on a sail, in 1918

© Harley Flowers / flickr  

5. In March 1941, this Frenchman is in mourning!

© Office for Emergency Management / Wikimedia Commons  

6. The astronauts Young and Grissom walk towards the rocket which will lead them to the first Gemini mission, in 1965

© NASA / Wikimedia Commons  

7. A demonstration against the Vietnam War in front of the Pentagon, in 1967

© S.Sgt. Albert R. Simpson / Wikimedia Commons  

8. This sport, called ski-sailing, was invented in Austria in 1938

© Nationaal Archief / flickr  

9. After the victory, people gathered in Whitehall to hear the speech of Winston Churchill, May 8, 1945

© Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer / Wikimedia Commons  

10. 2 children share a soft drink, in front of the White House, in 1922

© Unknown / Wikimedia Commons  

11. Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov, two legendary chess players, before their confrontation in 1985.

© Owen Williams, The Kasparov Agency / Wikimedia Commons  

12. We are in the Netherlands, in 1937, a man stands ready to catch up with a woman who dives into the water

© Nationaal Archief / flickr  

13. To cut this tree, you needed a giant saw, in 1890

© Het Nieuwe Instituut – Architecture Collection / Wikimedia Commons  

14. Tears in the middle of the Korean War, in 1950

© Sfc. Al Chang, U.S. Army / Wikimedia Commons  

15. In 1918, a hungry child receives a piece of bread from a soldier

© Nationaal Archief / Wikimedia Commons  

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