These 16 photos that translate a real happiness

Happiness is a feeling that is too often absent from our daily lives. Yet there is nothing like sharing a true moment of happiness. Pure joy, which most of the time translates into smiles and laughter.

Inwardly, you feel overpowered, invincible. Only one desire crosses your mind: to make this magical moment last and relive it as often as possible. In fact, this is what we live for. We all aspire to happiness. Just like these people below, who will all make you smile with their contagious happiness.

This little boy’s best friend is this cat

© clumsychick / Reddit  

There’s no better time than to share a shopping spree with your daddy…

© blatzphemy / Reddit  

There is no age to be happy!

© Adam_Rennie / Reddit  

A guitar, a voice, and the simple joy of playing for others = generosity.

© XenithSkylord / Reddit

Happiness does not always translate into smiles…

© dezrteagle / Reddit  

When you buy your first house!

© WerkQueen / Reddit  

The joy of receiving guests for the evening

© bbbbizza / Reddit  

This lady is running her first marathon after fighting a serious illness.

© DonDontheBird / Reddit  

There’ll be joy just if she says yes…

© radicalplacement / Reddit  

No matter how much it pleases, the goal was to finish this first painting!

© Darth_Helcaraxe / Reddit  

This depressed woman found happiness at the zoo…

© LadyAllondra / Reddit  

“Mom, you want to eat some? I’ll give you some!”

A little surprise on his birthday! He pretended to be a hitchhiker with his mother.

© eiyagi / Reddit  

Enjoy this moment of happiness… in 2 nights, we’ll have to talk about it again!

© TheMoxiestFox / Reddit  

Not sure it’s such a good idea to come in contact with a polar bear…

© freya_cole / Twitter  

After getting back into sport, she just finished her first race!

© toriadenofrio / Reddit  

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