These 20 photos give goosebumps

In his Dance Macabre, the American writer Stephen King explains his vision of horror. He says if classic movies make people dream, then horror movies must make them have nightmares. It must be admitted that the followers of horror films are more and more numerous, there is only to see the success of the adaptations of his books to the cinema or stories like Saw.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a top 20 scary photos for you, which should be an “aperitif” before a horror movie!

1. While walking on a path surrounded by nature, this man was chased by two disturbing dogs!

© anchutka01/pikabu  

2. This woman was leaving for work when she heard a strange noise in the car after starting it. Then she braked suddenly and got out of the vehicle screaming …

© Krissy_Lyn/twitter  

3. When you take your dog to the groomer and he gives you a rabid sewer rat!

© kaimccann_/twitter  

4. You cannot be told enough that cleaning must be done even behind the furniture!

© LoliWaifu/pikabu  

5. “Hi …! I come to seek your brave human soul! “

© SSSA/pikabu  

6. A real vision of horror …

© tnacolge/reddit  

7. Sometimes nature sends you worrying signs …

© JustRusya/pikabu  

8. Horrible isn’t it? In fact, it’s just an industrial blood orange juice machine …

© hekabip/reddit  

9. When you start renovating your patio and…

© InterestingGirl/pikabu  

10. This man is at work, it looks like the world is on the verge of extinction

© 25tonn/pikabu  

11. Take the elevator and see these messages …

© Snatex/pikabu  

12. The message from the master of this dog is clear

© IWishItWouldSnow/reddit  

13. This shooting game in a fun fair…

© vova1991god/pikabu  

14. When everyone talks about you, because you were the first person to be engulfed by a pelican

© kirbysdownb/reddit  

15. Here’s a tip to prevent your parents-in-law from staying at your house for too long

© Contentious/pikabu  

16. These things have been placed on a children’s playground!

© peterbelkin/pikabu  

17. “Come and play with us outside!” “

© Peca/pikabu  

18. This man built a bunker under his house, his daughter half-opened the door to take this photo… it makes you want to go!

© Colombianthunder/reddit  

19. The machines are slowly taking over

© Xar0n/pikabu  

20. There are strange things hidden behind these palm trees…

© unknown/reddit

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