Those 16 people who selflessly help their fellow

No, the world isn’t always unpleasant. It’s not just people who don’t care about their fellow man. On the contrary, the world is full of good intentions, people ready to bend over backwards to help others, to promote a better distribution of wealth, to come to the aid of the most destitute.

The world is also populated by people who do good deeds selflessly. They expect nothing in return except to know that what they have done is beneficial. A bit like the people shown in the picture below.

They took their shoes off to get on a bench!

© Helsimo / Pikabu  

A man wanted to throw himself into the void. Unknown persons managed to reason with him and bring him back to land.

© Casey_White / Reddit  

A homeless man had lost his rat. Police officers managed to find it and brought it back!

© Alyson Pearce / Facebook  

A veterinarian makes souvenirs from the paw prints of sick animals.

© Gordopolis / Reddit  

This man planned to give 9 gallons of blood (40 litres) to his grandfather who had a serious accident. For every heart filled, there is one gallon!

© jt1019 / Reddit  

She donated several centimetres of her hair for children with cancer.

© BlondeAussieGirl1990 / Reddit  

When Oscar was diagnosed with leukemia, 5,000 people spent hours in the rain to donate blood and check for a possible match. One donor was able to save his life!

© Hand In Hand for Oscar / Facebook  

A woman protects a nest of baby birds from the rain!

© Frostalicious13 / Reddit 

“I found this kitten and I took him home. I was afraid my parents would scold me, but today I found my father showing the cat family pictures.”

© ribsbylorde / Reddit  

“I quit smoking five weeks ago, but I needed to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think about it. So I built this cabin for my daughter.”

© will-i-am-knot / Reddit  

This 98-year-old veteran can’t leave his house. In fact, every year, the band comes out to his balcony to greet him.

© ??? ?? Ukraine / Facebook   © ??? ?? Ukraine / Facebook  

He walked from Indiana to South America… …with the intention of picking up trash in his path!

© dcamp4417 / Reddit  

In this Australian restaurant, you can exchange a plastic bucket with collected rubbish for a cup of coffee.

© Redland City Council / Facebook  

“In my city, streetcar drivers put a Winnie the Pooh on every time one of their future co-workers takes his driving test.”

© Rutherford629 / Reddit  

“My sister in Egypt didn’t have a friend to appreciate the pyramids. So she took her chauffeur Uber with her.”

© FearmyBeard21 / Reddit  

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